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They say that good customer service will put  you out of business. At our salon, you can expect much more than just good!

We live by two premises:  DO NOT BURN, EVER and EDUCATE about the Human Tanning Process
in order to achieve your richest, darkest tan along with luxurious, healthy looking skin.

Click to learn tanning facts on our Tanning  Education Page.

Don't be intimidated by the $35 Billion "Sun Scare" industry. Many dermatological groups receive millions
in endorsement money from sunscreen manufacturers, just like medical groups of old received
large endorsement money from tobacco companies to promote their tobacco products.

We are certified with the International Smart Tan Network and are members in good standing of the
International Tanning Association. Each one of us must pass an industry certification examination that covers
everything from the history of cosmetic tanning and FDA regulations to photosensitizing agents and
the structure and function of the various layers of the epidermis including the stratum corneum. This understanding
enables us to properly skin type and ultimately provide you with your best tanning experience!

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of indoor tanning on The Dr. Oz Show
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Things to Know
About Sunscreen
and Tanning

Fact: Over 360,000 people die each year from SPF overuse, probably killing more people than tobacco. 
Fact: SPF does not prevent melanoma.  As it happens, it is known as the "indoor worker's disease" and grows largely on areas of the body that get little or no sun exposure.
Fact: Cosmetic dermatology receives more endorsement money from the chemical sunscreen companies than big tobacco that made billions for themselves and the medical communities who endorsed them. 
Fact: Direct sun exposure is the only natural way to obtain optimum levels of Vitamin D for good health and cancer prevention.
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