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There is an instruction manual supported by science or a book by a credentialed author to guide us through every single subject and activity known to man, especially if it is something dangerous, controversial or not. With the help of a search engine, it is possible to find out how to do anything if you just apply yourself and look.

However, we have yet to find anything available commercially on a supposed seriously dangerous activity that practically every human since the dawn of time has participated almost from birth- Absorbing sunlight. It is the one activity where there is no one to guide us through our formative years except perhaps for a handful of old wives tales handed down the generations.

There are some educated indoor solarium providers but typically they are visited only after developing hard to break tanning habits. Unfortunately, many providers are not members of any industry associations nor even have a basic education and allow abuses to continue. This only helps to provide the ammunition used to bash their very own industry.

Clients tell us all the time that they could be tanning at their gym for free but our approach, knowledge and the end results are worth every penny to them. Much like conditioning your hair, conditioning your skin immediately before and after a tanning session (whether indoors or out) will leave your skin smooth, supple and vibrant – and contrary to the mantra of the anti -tanning groups, will all but eliminate the side effect of premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, most see a visible and dramatic improvement in their total complexion, Most new tanners believe you must turn red first then you will turn brown. Most believe aloe is good for an initial burn, even some client nurses who should know better. Almost all believe that one coat of SPF protects for the day. These are top of the line myths and are some of the worst bad tanning habits next to refusing to wear qualified eye protection.

Out of all the studies used to bash tanning, not one discusses moderate exposure in a non-burning fashion. Not one. They all use photo sensitive subjects who were each over exposed again and again. It doesn’t pay to spend money on a study that might provide a positive aspect. Almost all the studies used by the government to introduce anti-tanning legislation were created, funded and lobbied by the very industry that stands to make the most by scaring everyone out of the sun, the 35 Billion dollar per year chemical SPF industry.  No one is saying that SPF is not a valuable tool in the prevention of over exposure. That is what it was developed for. But trying to keep us out of the sun completely is at best irresponsible. Telling us the sun or UV rays causes melanoma when there is no conclusive scientific evidence to back that up is seriously irresponsible. That disease has been known as the “indoor workers’ disease” since outdoor workers left the fields to work in factories in the 1930’s. It generally affects areas of the body where the sun never shines like on the back, armpits or the soles of the feet. 

There was a study in Sweden and published in the Huffington Post a few years ago which indicates that by 50% those who contracted melanoma and had regular sun exposure survived better than those who abstained. Dermatologists say to avoid UV exposure at all costs because melanoma is epidemic and appears mostly in men. Really?  First, how is .03% epidemic and how do you explain that more than 70% of the tanning public is women and yet men get it much more? Is it possible that the more we avoid the sun the more we contract melanoma? Could the over-use of sun screens be the cause in the uptick in Melanoma cases? Is it possible that the practice of calling all mysterious lesions without verification to be possibly melanoma just “to be safe”, a contributor to the uptick? Their numbers just do not add up and unfortunately most doctors are schedule-challenged to find time to verify the propaganda that they too are fed and irresponsibly regurgitate as well. From the time I was 5 years old I learned to trust and believe but to verify before speaking or acting. You would think the professionals whom we respect and trust would at least do the same as a five year old.

Interestingly, six times more people drown, most in less than a foot of water each year than people who die from melanoma. We have yet to see any warning labels on any bathtubs or any emergency TV bulletins or public service messages. It is considered an insignificant number and there is no money in it anyway. If you have, say 100,000 tomatoes where one is attacked and ruined by some disease last year but two tomatoes were ruined this year, even though spoilage technically doubled is it fair to call that an epidemic and alarm all growers? To put this in perspective, you have a better chance of winning the Mega lotteries than contracting Melanoma. If you take the time to really look, you will probably be more than astonished at the vast amounts of conflicting data.

Science proves that when stimulated with a light wavelength of 280 nanometers to 320 nanometers (UVB) whether from the sun or manmade, our skin converts cholesterol into Vitamin D. The FDA, although it infringes on our constitutional rights to do so, prohibits a tanning facility from discussing the benefits of Vitamin D. Can you imagine? You would think a professional provider should be promoted as the definitive source of information. Clearly the less we know, the more confusing it is made for us to learn the truth and the frequency we hear the anti-tanning messages the more likely we will believe the hype no matter how incorrect and damaging it may be. This is all to the financial benefit of the chemical SPF industry who spread an incredible amount of money each year to powerful lobby groups in Washington to promote anti-tan legislation and to medical associations to get their products endorsed. More incredibly, according to the U.S. government, there is no evidence that the use of sun screen prevents skin cancer and yet more or less that is exactly how it is promoted. Like the doctors who are opposed to any sun exposure (although limited, more and more doctors are waking up and are becoming pro sun) we generally do not have the time nor are we truly compelled to see for ourselves what the real truths may be. By what right do these organizations have to deprive us the enjoyment of a bright sunny day? How is it possible that the use of ultra violet equipment to treat various skin disorders is perfectly safe in a dermatologist’s office where they have no UV training but the exact same equipment will harm you in a professional tanning facility?  Great for them but tragically for us, it is much less challenging to be a sheep and let them herd us.

Believe it or not there is a science to the human tanning process which we study and understand. With the help of Smart Tan certifications, associations with anti- aging product manufacturers and continuing research and education for more than 15 years, this facility is dedicated to exposing the myths and teaching sound and smart tanning habits to all who walk in the door. Whether you need to develop a base for a sunny vacation or simply want heads to turn as you walk through the room, you owe it to yourself to come and experience your
Endless Summer Tan

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