Custom Spray Tans

Professional SPRAY TANNING
Will Give You a Healthy Glow without UV Exposure.
Spray tanning is popular with customers who don't want to darken the tone of their skin with UV exposure. A spray tan can last up to 5 days, enough time to look good on vacation or while attending an important conference or social event.
A spray tan is applied cosmetically, usually as a mist in a spray tanning booth. Other products are available
for home use and they have either a water or oil base.The biggest advantage of starting a spray tan regimen in a salon
is that the new color won't look artiticial or "plastic."
The sprayed on cosmetic changes the pigment of the top layer of skin. A spray tan cannot be permanent because the top layer of skin normally exfoliates. Of course, applying a good moisturizer can prevent premature exfoliation.
We encourage you to visit us to learn more about spray tanning. We will provide all of the answers to your questions
such as "Can I take a shower after spray tanning?". You will also discover how to prepare for a spray tanning session
and what steps you'll need to take to enhance it afterwards!
Skincare Products to Help Prolong Your Tan and Protect Your Skin
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