About us
Welcome! to the ONE and only...
Endless Summer Tan Hair & Beauty Studio 
 #1 Trusted Salon for over 15 years.

They say that good customer service will put  you out of business.
At our salon, you can expect much more than just good!
We are located right here on Park Road in West Hartford!
You know, that cozy little shack where you can find sand between your toes and that warm feeling all year round! :)

We strive 100,000% for proper skin care.
Every decision we make is based on what your skin tells us and the courses we took on skin care & the tanning process. Let us show you the right way to healthy looking skin! 

We live by two premises in order to achieve your richest, darkest tan along with luxurious, healthy looking skin:

about the Human Tanning Process
We are certified with the International Smart Tan Network and are members in impecable standing with the International Tanning Association.

We each pass an industry certification examination that covers everything from the history of cosmetic tanning and FDA regulations to photosensitizing agents and the structure and function of the various layers of the skin.

This understanding enables us to properly skin type and ultimately provide you with your best tanning experience!