Got D?
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FACT: “People who receive regular sun exposure have a lower incidence of malignant melanoma than those who don’t.”
  • New research is showing that skin cancer is more prevalent in the northerly latitudes of North America and of Europe than in the southerly latitudes.
  • This fact is not disputed in the scientific community among researchers.” (IN)
  • Regular sun exposure builds up your skin’s “immunity” to sun-burn through the production of melanin
“Why don’t dermatologists like any formof tanning?”
  • The majority of the money generated in the dermatology industry comes from ‘vanity visits’ from patients. In fact, 50-90% of the business is “cosmetic” and medically unnecessary.
  • Skin cancer is an important issue to the dermatology industry because it represents the only subject that its lobbyists can promote as critical.
  • Unfortunately, lobbyists for the dermatology industry have twisted the facts, exaggerated research findings and misled the public” (IN)
“So is skin cancer a concern?”
  • Absolutely. But it is a concern that professional indoor tanning facilities feel they are addressing effectively by teaching people to tan intelligently indoors and outdoors.
  • The marketing hype behind the sun-scare message has twisted the facts, exaggerated research findings, and misled the public.
  • The sun-scare message has completely ignored the positive aspects of regular, moderate sun exposure. (IN)
Got the SUNSHINE Vitamin?
Things to know about sunscreen and tanning:

Fact: Over 360,000 people die each year from SPF overuse, probably killing more people than tobacco.
Fact: SPF does not prevent melanoma.  As it happens, it is known as the "indoor worker's disease" and grows largely on areas of the body that get little or no sun exposure.
Fact: Cosmetic dermatology receives more endorsement money from the chemical sunscreen companies than big tobacco that made billions for themselves and the medical communities who endorsed them.
Fact: Direct sun exposure is the only natural way to obtain optimum levels of Vitamin D for good health and cancer prevention.